Healthy Luxury Treatments

luxury health treatments

They say that luxury is based on enjoying all those dispensable pleasures, which involve a high outlay of money, but at the same time report a welfare and a value out of the ordinary.


Feeling luxury has to do with everything that makes us happier. It’s about enjoying life to the fullest. It’s about feeling good and projecting that feeling to others. With going to bed knowing that you have taken advantage of the day, and that tomorrow you will be full to live new sensations.

Within the universe of luxury, health treatments are undoubtedly one of the sectors that have advanced the most in recent years.

In order to enjoy luxury, it is necessary to feel good and enjoy good health.

Here are the most luxurious healthy treatments you must undergo if you want to continue enjoying yourself for many years to come.

Luxury Nutrition

The first treatment we propose is proper nutrition; the first thing in health care is knowing what we eat.

Having a luxury nutrition does not mean always going to the best restaurants, but having the direction and supervision of expert nutritionists who adapt our diet to our way of life and energy consumption.

They will do the necessary studies to see what suits us, and how to be able to compensate for the excesses that a life of luxury and glamour can bring.

A luxury nutritionist will teach us how to eat, what attitudes we should have towards food, and when we should eat certain foods.

Body luxury health

Once we know how to eat, we must burn it with the exercise fashionable among luxury lovers: Bodyism.

Combination of exercises, movements and rest that, with a holistic philosophy as a whole, will lead you to take and follow a whole culture of healthy fitness.

Practicing bodyism will improve your postural hygiene, your attitude, and your vital energy.

Tantric Massage

Tantric massage will take you to a level of balance and harmonization of your vital energy that you may never have known.

Tantric massage is a type of erotic massage in which ejaculation is not the goal. A good professional masseur expert in tantric massage will take you over and over again to the limit of the climax.

After a tantric massage session, you will feel recharged, full of energy, and ready to face any challenge, in addition to awakening your consciousness, taking your body and spirit to higher levels.

Tantric massage involves all the erogenous zones of the body, with special attention to Yoni and Lingam, sacred names of the female and male genitals, respectively.

An example of real tantra massage is tantric master Gerard Ribó, he provides massage and tantra courses in London. You can see more information on, about sexual healing massage and tantric workshops.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda is a Hindu word that comes from the union of the words “life”, and “knowledge”.

Within Ayurvedic wellness knowledge and techniques, we find Ayurvedic massage, which combines the patient’s personal knowledge with a series of methods aimed at stimulating certain key points, along with the combination of essential oils.

All this combined, will make us feel the true well-being of luxury.

Treatment with gold leaf

The procedure is simple: it consists of applying gold leaf on our skin. After a few minutes, and by the effect that this metal produces, the skin begins to generate collagen, an essential substance for mature skins.

According to some studies, treatments with gold leaf are more efficient and less aggressive than those involving the direct injection of collagen.

Wine Therapy

Can there be anything more luxurious than feeling a product like wine on your skin?

The benefits of wine as a food have long been known, but more recent research shows other benefits for our skin.

The standard treatment with wine consists of a previous exfoliation and a subsequent massage to open the pores well; subsequently, the wine is applied, which penetrates the skin, providing a quantity of antioxidants that will make us look younger.

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