male massage therapists

When we think of male masseurs, we rarely imagine our professionals trained in the traditions and rituals of tantra.


Our erotic masseurs have nothing to do with the stereotypes of the sports masseurs, or the beach masseurs.

Receiving all the eroticism of our professionals is a luxurious experience that blends pleasure and sensuality; the organ that you will feel really excited will be your brain.
From the moment of the first visual contact, until the farewell, they will be in charge of assuring your comfort and total satisfaction.

Throughout the time you will spend together, he will be in charge of accompanying you to explore the deepest erotic pleasures derived from ancient massage techniques, learned in the best school in the world.

All of them meet the following fundamental requirements:

Beauty & luxury

man massage

All our masseurs are male models; can you imagine a catwalk model giving you an erotic massage all over your body?

You will feel the delicacy of a smooth and soft skin that will cover your hottest spots. Hands cared for to perfection, and arms firm and strong that ensure precise pressure and controlled in each manipulation.

Tantric training

To be part of our selection of luxury male masseurs, apart from a large body, you need a well-furnished head. A minimum qualification is required in order to establish proper communication with the massage receivers.

Assertiveness and empathy are strictly necessary social skills in order to understand the limits established in the delicate and sensual universe of erotic massages.

Many of them come from sanitary branches and are connoisseurs of physiotherapy and chiromassage techniques. Although their interest has derived in the practice of oriental massages focused on eroticism.

On the other hand, they have been trained in tantric massages with the best professionals in the sector. You can see an example of erotic massage workshops on Eros Massage School, an academy our masseurs have visit many times to improve their professional level. For specialized real tantric therapy, visit and learn about this powerful tantra healing in London and online.

Online Tantra Courses

Another exemple of the tantra training that our therapists receive it is on, an online tantra courses specialized school.

This translates into the application of levels of spirituality and sensuality that seek the balance between absolute pleasure and mental well-being.

Experience giving erotic massages

erotic massage madrid

Our luxury masseurs have extensive experience in all kinds of techniques and erotic practices, you just have to suggest what you want, and they will get to work.
No matter what type of erotic massage you are looking for: gay massage man to man, erotic massage for women, tantric excitement lingam or yoni, or enjoy the complicity of a couple massage.

They are extensive connoisseurs of all practices and share them in massage parlors like Art Massage London and other tantra centers.

After years of experience in luxury urban environments in capitals such as London, Madrid or Barcelona, they will know how to treat you with sympathy so that you feel as comfortable as in your own home.

Elegance and sensitivity

They will know how to be in any situation; they empathize with the recipient of the tantra massage, and understand their needs.

They will maintain a correct and elegant attitude at all times, treating your body as the most precious of the goods they must take care of, seeking your full satisfaction.
They will propose the different practices to you with elegance and naturalness; it is up to you to decide to what extent you can endure so much pleasure.


Don’t be afraid; if you don’t want to, no one will find out.
Good luxury masseurs are professionals who never attract attention; if you need to receive the massage in a hotel, no one will notice who is slipping into your room.
The question is… will you be able to repress your gestures of pleasure?


Perhaps one of the most outstanding qualities of our male masseurs. They get involved in what they do.

Because of their tantric training, mindfulness is a constant in their lives; they will devote all five senses to your personal enjoyment and enjoyment during the time you spend together.

You will be the center of attention and the raison d’ĂȘtre of their existence for as long as the erotic massage lasts.

And don’t be embarrassed to propose whatever comes to your mind; they know how to leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

The happy ending is assured. Although… maybe the orgasm is not the end.