The 8 most attractive men in the world

attractive men pedro pascal

How hard it is to make a list of the 8 most attractive men in the world.


The more I think about it, the more complicated it will be for you to define where the attraction resides. professional merits? sculptural bodies? attitude? amatory and erotic skills? a look? a smile? It’s a long way from the covers of People magazine in which only the sexiest man in the world was left… alive!

Next we leave you our selection; the doubt is… which of them would you keep if you had to choose one to receive an erotic massage? Surely as a male masseur, they would all be worth their weight in gold… or not?

Pedro Pascal

He left us with an open mouth in Juego de Tronos, and continues to surprise us, and warm us up, from his role in the Narcos series.

We will continue to enjoy his presence and sensuality on the small screen; he seems to have contracts for several television productions and trademarks for many years.

Joe Keery

Born in 1992, he transmits the typical adolescent beauty; clean and pure, it makes you want to see what he really knows how to do.

We met him thanks to Stranger Things; his companions emphasize his friendliness and good humor; without a doubt, one of the great promises of the next years; if the years treat him well, he can be one of the top of any list of attractive men.

Rubén Cortada

Cuban actor and model living in Spain; his advertising photographs are the best adorning our cities.

In addition, he has shown great interpretative talent in Spanish television series. Will he have the same talent in the world of eroticism?

Zac Efron

Far, far away are his teenage years at the Disney factory; Zac Efron has earned his place in this team by torso, glances and sensual gestures from his instagram account.

Miguel Angel Silvestre

This handsome and sexy actor has been at the top of eroticism for more than a decade in Spain.

No one is left with a tuxedo like he is.

Recently, it has become one of the most attractive in the world, thanks to its participation in several international series of Netflix.

Chris Hemsworth

The incarnation of the Viking superhero son of Odin. This Australian actor is a demigod.

Surely his wife, also actress Elsa Pataky, knows about his talent as a male masseur; would he dare to have a gay massage?

Gaspard Ulliel

A French actor and model born in 1984, his somewhat absent-minded gaze makes him one of the most attractive faces on the international scene.


Will you do everything the way you behave on stage? The international success of his songs has catapulted him to stardom and given him visibility.

You won’t deny that the boy has improved a lot over the years; his clean look is a long way off. His current beard gives character to his features.

I’m sure the colours have gone up and that a sudden heat is passing through your body. In an erotic massage that’s just the beginning.

Can you imagine one of them as a male masseuse? As soon as you enter the massage room, you would feel the sensuality, although you would have to see which of these myths would be able to perform a good gay massage.

That’s where you stop being a nice and attractive photo and become a real erotic animal. That’s where the real attraction lies.

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